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Teles Optic Technology - Your Fiber Optic Solutions Partner:
Teles Company is a world-class technology manufacturer providing high-quality reliable network solutions for nearly 8 years. We serve leading businesses in a variety of industries including, medical, retail and manufacturing as well as working with government and law enforcement.

Teles Company specializes in the design, installation, certification, maintenance and support of state-of-the-art systems for all data, voice and video networking needs.
Employees participate in intensive ongoing training and hold a variety of certifications. They are also equipped with the latest tools needed to meet any job requirements. This ensures that no matter where you are in the country or no matter the industry, your company will receive the same quality service.
Quality work and excellent customer service drive every employee on every job.
Teles Company has established powerful alliances with industry-leading manufacturers allowing us to offer comprehensive product warranties of up to 10 years. These partnerships also allow our clients access the latest products and services.
Our clients rely on Teles's superior craftsmanship and quality products to make their networks more stable and robust. Our strict attention to industry standards, along with a keen awareness of technological advancements, ensures the network Teles Company builds for you today will meet your needs for many years to come.
Company History:
Teles Optic Technology Co.,Limited is the Chinese manufacturing company of superior quality, specialized in assembling connectors on optical fiber cable, was created on January 1, 2007 after spending three years as an incubated division, and became the international department to offer products around the world.
Today, Teles promotes the same original culture that has made us successful over the years. We strive to incorporate the highest level of quality in every product we produce, transaction we complete, and effort we undertake.
We work with passion to create faster connections between people, places, ideas and values.
Representing the excellence and values of Made In China worldwide.
Quality, Innovation, Expertise, Flexibility, Collaboration, Commitment, Honesty.
Telecommunications - Data Center - Broadcasting - Military - Sensor - Transportation.
China Mobile, China Union, China Telecom, Huawei, Foxconn.
Meet Our Executive Team:
With nearly 8 years of combined experience, and leading teams of dedicated long term employees, Teles Optic Technology management charts a course for the company that will guide your project of any size to success. We pride ourselves on quality services and productive relationships.
Products Service:
Teles Optic Tech - Mainly field in Telecommunication System, CATV, LAN & WAN, Fiber Optic Transmission Equipment, Laser Industrial, Precision Metal Accessories Manufacturing, Electronic Equipment, Medical Industrial, Military Connection Industrial, Power Equipment, Precision Metal Processing, Aircraft Industrial, CCTV AHD Camera, IP CAMER ,AHD DVR, NVR ect.
We are not only marketing our own”Teles” brand,but also support OEM and ODM service for many famous brand,with more than 180 staff,R&D department have 25 staff,and take up 3000㎡ factory.Monthly capacity up to 1.9 million terminations.SC,LC,ST,FC,MTP/MPO etc are available at present and 20K PCS CCTV &Security product.
Contact TELES:
Teles Optic Technology Co.,Limited
Add: 10/F,Jintian Industry Mansion,Xitian Second Indusrial Park,Gongming office,Guangming New District,Shenzhen,China
Tel: 86.755.2942.3879
Fax: 86.755.2942.3879
                            MPO 24 suppliers
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