bulk Triangle Mold

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Who We Are:
We are professional manufacturer specialized in high precision hardware with a wide range of products available, Including CNC turning parts and auto lathe parts, insert nuts, special screws, pins, standoffs, washers, self-clinching nuts other panel Fasteners, rivets, and so on.
Our factory covers 5000 square meters, more than 100 skilled employees with complete R&D management team. With experienced technical and design engineers, We can meet all kinds of customized requirements, and Help customers to lower down the cost and save time.
Company history:
1995-2013, we were a fasteners mold manufacturers and we have a mold branch offices in Ningbo.
2016-2018, We set up Zhanci auto parts co., LTD. And set up an office in HK “Dragon Precision Hardware Co.,Limited”In 2016, we increased several sets of cold forming equipment in order to begin to make the new car engine in the high temperature heat resistant stainless steel fasteners.
Currently we have 20 set of screw machines and 20 set of thread rolling machines, processing range from M2 to M12.
We also have 20 sets of Self-Clinching nuts forming machine, processing range from M2 to M10. Still have 20 sets of CNC tapping equipment.
Mainly to use in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, military industry, electronics etc for all kinds of fasteners. bulk Triangle Mold
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