Ordinary Moulded Rubber

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Dongguan plat silicon material Co., Ltd. was established in October 2008, engaged in the development, production and sales of various kinds of high temperature silicone rubber and silicone rubber products. The company is located in Liaobu Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, with a annual capacity of 8000 tons of high temperature silicon rubber. There are hundreds of customers throughout the country. As one of the main types of silicone material, silicone rubber has been widely used in electronic and electrical appliances, automobiles, aerospace, machinery, new energy and other industries, medical and health, daily life, by virtue of its excellent resistance to high and low temperature, electrical insulation, weatherability, aging resistance and physiological inertia. Adhering to the management concept of "quality is life, technology for development", Dongguan plat silicon material Co., Ltd. is invested in R & D, quality, production and other core departments, and has a series of advanced silicone rubber production equipment and testing and research and development instruments and equipment. Through the use of quality raw materials, scientific and strict production quality control Control and product inspection to ensure high quality and stability of silicone rubber products. The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, and its products have passed many authoritative testing and certification by ROHS, REACH, FDA, LFGB and so on. As a professional silicone rubber manufacturer with "good variety, good service and quick reaction", Dongguan plentiful silicon material Co., Ltd. has hundreds of different properties of silicone rubber, including molded, extruded ordinary and gas phase adhesive, high and low hardness silicone rubber, added vulcanizate, heat-resistant and resistant. Cold, oil resistant, water vapor, high life, high resilience, high resistance, antistatic, flame retardant, insulation, ceramics and other special silicone rubber; mainly involved in products including all kinds of baby products, swimming supplies, kitchen utensils, electric power cables, terminal sets, electrical accessories, key seals, tube parts with silicone rubber and signs for special-shaped strips, and signs. Adhesive and other products, the company can also provide personalized solutions according to customer needs. High quality and cost-effective product quality and considerate service have become the distinctive features and competitive advantages of the company! Customer requirements are the motivation of our knowledge; customer satisfaction is the goal of our development; based on technical ability service is our core competitiveness; it is our responsibility to adhere to the eyes inward, to improve our efficiency, to provide the good products and best services of our customers; to undertake the commitment, responsibility, good business, and gratitude. Is a plentiful enterprise character! Dongguan City Silicon Material Co., Ltd. sincerely hope that we will always be a good partner in customer development. Create a better tomorrow for the development of the organosilicon industry.Ordinary Moulded Rubber
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