China Ultralight Trolley Handle

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Sunsen is the manufacturer of luggage accessories. OEM and ODM is mostly welcomed. The ultralight trolley handle is one of the most popular product currently. If you are interested in them, for more information about our products, Please send us emails and let me know.
Model No.9Q01AA-C3Brand Namesunsen
Place of OriginGuangzhou, ChinaFixing Size Range12' to 34' or customized
TypeUltralight trolley handleSection Range2 to 5 sections
ApplicationAluminium case (metal case), PC case, Frame case, Soft case, Backpack, School bags, some other functional products.
CharacteristicFashionable, qualified, easy to fit, lighter, slient
Quality StandardsLoading Weight(<=18': 12kg, 19'-21': 16kg, 22'-24': 18kg, 25'-28': 20kg, 29'-31': 25kg, >=32': 28kg)
Vibration Test500 cycles
Extension Test5000 cycles
inner pipeAluminiumcustomizedAnodizing
outer pipeAluminiumoriginal colorAnodizing
upper bracketABSBlackInjection
lower bracketPPBlackInjection
Sampling time3 to 5 daysMOQ300 sets
OEM/ODMYesPOLGuangzhou, China
Payment TermsT/T, L/C, etc.Lead time25 to 40 days
Capacity600,000 sets per monthPackage20 sets per carton
Q: What price terms available?
A: Ex-work or FOB is prefered. CNF or CIF is also available
Q: Is OEM available by your company?
A: Sure, we mainly focus on OEM and ODM
Q: What's about the MOQ?
A: For mass production, we would like to take 1000 sets as the MOQ
Q: What extra service you can offer?
A: ODM is also our advantages
Q: How can you response to quality comments?
A: We have Customer Quality Feedbacks System, to solve customer's quality issue before and after sales
Q: How can we get the a quote?
A: Please feel free to contact with our business centre
Q: Why choose us?
A: Good quality with competitive price, customer's best choiceChina Ultralight Trolley Handle
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